Luiz Junqueira

“People Oriented, Projects Driven!”

Luiz Junqueira

20+ years of experience in the development, finance and execution of large-scale engineered assets for investors and EPC contractors in the sectors of power, infrastructure, oil & gas, real estate and manufacturing. Specialized and experienced in setting up teams and structures in highly complex projects and business environments such as Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

My current focus is to support and represent investors that are willing to promote transformational change in their business models, adding senior industry expertise to their executive team and producing positive externalities in the community that will support their business ideas.

I have an engineering, business and financial background with significant expertise in power projects such as hydropower plants, wind farms, solar farms (grid connected and off-grid), energy from waste, gas power plants, and dual fuel power plants. Substantial expertise also in infrastructure projects such as Oil & Gas projects focusing on the midstream and downstream projects, ports, subways, highways, tunnels, bridges, industrial manufacturing plants and real estate (social housing).



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Big Bank Roundup: 2018 Gold Price Forecasts and Predictions

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast you also follow real money prices (aka gold and silver prices) very close. Below is a sampling of current institutional views on gold.

What do the biggest budget diamonds in the history of engineering have in common?

This was the headline of The New York Times in 2014 to report the delay and USD 2 billion overhead in the works of the new World Trade Center subway station. The value was almost twice the original cost disclosed in 2004 during the peak work of the WTC reconstruction works.

Private Equity in Africa

The demand for investment opportunities in frontier markets across the African continent increases steadily as many investors, in their crusade to find the best risk/return trade-off, seek to find a solution to deficits in energy and infrastructure in different countries in the region.


My Education

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Master degree in Industrial Engineering

Master degree in Project Management

MBA in International Management

Private Equity Professional

My Certificates

Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer

Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)

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