“People Oriented, Projects Driven!”

Luiz Junqueira

20+ years of experience in the development, finance and execution of large-scale engineered assets for investors and EPC contractors in the sectors of power, infrastructure, oil & gas, real estate and manufacturing. Specialized and experienced in setting up teams and structures in highly complex projects and business environments such as Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

My current focus is to support and represent investors that are willing to promote transformational change in their business models, adding senior industry expertise to their executive team and producing positive externalities in the community that will support their business ideas.

I have an engineering, business and financial background with significant expertise in power projects such as hydropower plants, wind farms, solar farms (grid connected and off-grid), energy from waste, gas power plants, and dual fuel power plants. Substantial expertise also in infrastructure projects such as Oil & Gas projects focusing on the midstream and downstream projects, ports, subways, highways, tunnels, bridges, industrial manufacturing plants and real estate (social housing).

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“You have only one opportunity to secure the returns in your infrastructure projects and this opportunity is the development phase.”

  • CONFEA – Civil Engineer
  • Ordem dos Engenheiros – Civil Engineer
  • Engineers Australia – Civil Engineer
  • PMI – Certified Project Management Professional
  • UNESP – Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
  • USP – Master degree in Industrial Engineering
  • ITA – Master degree in Project Management
  • SBS – MBA in International Management
  • Oxford University – Private Equity Professional

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  • Academia CC – Por que Grandes Projetos Falham com Tanta Frequência
  • Academia CC – Princípios de Alto Desempenho Focados na Liderança e Gestão
  • Bringing Economic and Social Development to Sub-Saharan Africa through Power

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  • Success and Failure of Infrastructure Construction Projects The Brazilian Reality
  • Aplicação da Lean Construction para Redução dos Custos de Produção da Casa 1.0
  • Best Practice in Private Equity Investments in Africa (Chapter 6)

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  • Letter of Instruction Nº 1
    (original English)
    General George Patton Jr.
  • Letter of Instruction Nº 1
    (retyped English)
    General George Patton Jr.
  • Letter of Instruction Nº 1
    (retyped Portuguese)
    General George Patton Jr.

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„Luiz is a savvy engineer with a sharp eye for the business & financial side of projects. His expertise in Civil Engineering and his great attention to details have been instrumental for the work we developed together. He has a firm grasp of the economic and social implications of the tradeoffs faced by a project manager. I trust his judgment and praise his good humor & character as he continuously inspires all around him. He is a true leader.“

Fernando C. Barbi

Senior Consultant at AnalyX Switzerland


„Luiz Junqueira is an astute, agile and well connected professional. Whenever I accessed him, he made himself available to cooperate with suggestions that exceeded expectations. In the work I developed for him as a supplier, he showed knowledge and great technical and managerial competence while assessing our products.“

Ricardo Abreu Peixoto da Silva PMP

Civil Engineer at Grupo Energia


„Luiz Junqueira has one of the brightest minds I could ever see in action: always fast and accurate with numbers, diagrams, logic, moreover: creative and innovative thinking in perfect balance with common sense, team spirit and leadership. Besides being capable of dealing with extremely complex project issues, Luis is still one of the most reasonable and fair persons I’ve ever had a pleasure to work with.“

Fabio Sant’Anna

PMP, PMO and Scrum Master


„Luiz is a very technical planner who understands and visualize all steps and processes of the project which he is responsible and he is clear on his orientations and information that goes to the field and the needs he has to feedback his planning.“

Marcelo Caversan

Senior Project Manager at SunEdison


“Luiz is an excellent and impactful person: extremely focused on results but aware of each people collaboration and alignment; well-educated looks calm and with the good sense of judgement; he’s consistent in solutions negotiation. Professionally he is a well-respected in the power, energy and infrastructure projects and recognized abroad. He has a deep expertise in business development, negotiation, acquisition, project management and project supervision. I’d been working closely with Luiz for the last 6 years.”

Dario Bruno


“I have had a pleasure to work and partner with Luiz Junqueira on many projects. As a creative thinker who possesses a can-do attitude, Luiz is always a pleasure to work with. He is the proactive, experienced, self-motivated and intelligent team player as well as a great speaker and mentor. Luiz always makes things happen!”

Fabio Moura


“Mr Junqueira is highly skilled in business development of large complex projects across Sub-Saharan Africa region and a recognized leader with consistent and proved business results. We worked together within Quantum Global and FabStone and he did a great job recognized by every internal and external stakeholder and built a project team with great results. He worked as Business Developer for infrastructure and power with an end-to-end responsibility in the origination, project development, project execution and servicing clients and operations deployment. He managed negotiations at the top level and communicate clearly with people at different levels.“

Franck Behiblo

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“People Oriented, Projects Driven!”

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