Big Bank Roundup: 2018 Gold Price Forecasts and Predictions

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast you also follow real money prices (aka gold and silver prices) very close. Below is a sampling of current institutional views on gold.

What do the biggest budget diamonds in the history of engineering have in common?

This was the headline of The New York Times in 2014 to report the delay and USD 2 billion overhead in the works of the new World Trade Center subway station. The value was almost twice the original cost disclosed in 2004 during the peak work of the WTC reconstruction works.

Private Equity in Africa

The demand for investment opportunities in frontier markets across the African continent increases steadily as many investors, in their crusade to find the best risk/return trade-off, seek to find a solution to deficits in energy and infrastructure in different countries in the region.

How to Build an International Career in Engineering (Part 3)

In my last consultation, I found 35 different types of engineering degrees in Brazil. Knowing that, according to the UN, there are 193 countries, claiming to put on paper professional profiles that want to go abroad, we will have to deal with at least 6755 different professional profiles.

How to Build an International Career in Engineering (Part 2)

The question that remained on the air, for those who did not have the opportunity to study abroad, is: how do you have an international career while having fluent English?

How to Build an International Career in Engineering (Part 1)

Reflecting on the path that led me to an international career, I believe there is no model that, if faithfully followed, will lead you to conquer the world.